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equeyPTU AI Applications and Services CO. L.L.C
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Limited Liability Company - Single Owner (LLC - SO)
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  • Computer Systems & Communication Equipment Software Design
  • Web-Design
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Oleg Voloshenko
Oleg Voloshenko
P.O. Box No. 119444, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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[email protected]
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[email protected]

Products and services offered

We offer users to purchase additional features and services for Garmin watches.

These can be ready-made apps, watch faces, additional data fields, watch face functions, and unique design elements.

Products are available for free download at https://apps.garmin.com/.

Additional app features are an integral part of the app.

Access to the use of additional features can be restricted programmatically.

Transaction currency

All user transactions are in U.S. dollars.

Refund policy

For most apps, a trial period is offered to test the functionality of all required and desired features.

During the free trial period, all additional features of the app are available without restrictions.

We recommend users perform all tests before purchasing the app.

We will provide a refund if the claimed extra features are not working due to a bug in the app, and are not due to software limitations of the user's specific model of device, or due to bugs outside of the app that the developer has no control over.

Privacy policy

We do not collect or store any personal data about users, except for data such as email, which is necessary to fulfill obligations.

Please see our Privacy policy for details.

Security capabilities

We do not collect or store customer financial information.

All transactions are made on the side of a payment system such as Stripe, PayPal or Robokassa.

The security of the transactions is ensured by the payment system.